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Best in Show?

Maddy had her puppy obedience school graduation on Sunday 5/20. Here’s some pictures, including a video of her “heel” test. There’s also some pictures of her very fashionable Victorian Collar – she was spayed on Monday the 14th (a point of poor planning on our part, but she didn’t seem bothered by the stitches during […]

Catching up…

Other than mowing the lawn, our only gardening activity last fall was planting 100 tulip bulbs. They ALL came up AND bloomed! With this kind of positive encouragement, we’ve been doing a lot more gardening this spring already, and have plans for more.. The first thumbnail takes you to more tulip pictures.

Also, last weekend […]

It’s May already? April catchup…

Maddy keeps getting bigger, and we keep documenting with pics. Click the thumbnail below for such excitement as: Ben in Maddy’s crate! Maddy helping Ben work on the router! Videos and Pictures of Maddy playing with Lexi! And much, much more!

p.s. (from Gretchen) Ben’s not in the crate because he was bad… […]