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June finished with a bang

The weekend after we got home from the midwest, Jim answered the “bathroom in distress” Heavner signal (much like the bat-signal, but without the crime-fighting involved) and stopped in while en-route to a conference in Canada. Serendipitously, Betsey happened to be planning a visit with Kori, Heri, and the boys in Philadelphia, so they all […]

Mid-June = mid-west

In mid-June, we took a break from gardening and the bathroom wall hole to travel to the midwest for a memorial service for Gretchen’s Grandpa, who died this spring. We loaded the car with camping and puppy supplies, and headed west, stopping to camp at Geneva-on-the-lake and to spend a day and two nights visiting […]

June started with projects…

We began the month by making some seating for the yard. We decided to make Plank Chairs, following the instructions at Instructables .

That wasn’t enough, though, so we also made a square-foot garden, as described in the book Square Foot Gardening.

The beginning-of-the-month projects weren’t all fun and games. I decided to see why […]

Ithaca Festival 2007

We experienced our first ever Ithaca Festival. It was GREAT! Apparently, it’s an annual tradition that after all the college kids leave town for the summer, the town has a party with booths set up downtown and a parade to celebrate its continued survival (or at least, that’s what I guess the party is for).