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January was a busy month!

We made a quick weekend trip to the state of Maryland, and pretty much saw all of it! There was a Heavner family brunch scheduled for Sunday in Cumberland, MD. We decided to extend our trip a tiny bit and spend Saturday in D.C. Lucky for us, Ben’s Uncle Ron, Aunt Janet, and cousins Gracie and Lucy live in Middletown, MD, and let us stay with them!

On the mall...

We arrived in Middletown on Friday evening. We got up Saturday morning, and Uncle Ron helped us plan a 4 mile loop. (We are training for the Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon). The run was great! There were beautiful views and interesting old buildings. We then headed in to D.C.. We parked at a park and ride, and took the train in – super convenient. In D.C. we went to the National Museum of the American Indian, saw the National Archives, the Mall and the National Sculpture Garden (we love yard art!). We then had a delicious dinner of Ethiopian food and headed out to pick Ben’s dad up at BWI. Betsey, Kori, Taariq and Naadir had arrived at Uncle Ron’s while we were in D.C.

Ben in the national sculpture garden.

This map shows the extent of our driving and explorations of Maryland.

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Next up: yurting!

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