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Ithaca Festival 2007

We experienced our first ever Ithaca Festival. It was GREAT! Apparently, it’s an annual tradition that after all the college kids leave town for the summer, the town has a party with booths set up downtown and a parade to celebrate its continued survival (or at least, that’s what I guess the party is for).

To be in the parade, all you have to do is form a group and sign up in advance. So the Ithaca Festival contains such fine traditions as the Montessori Marching Band, Volvo Ballet, the Compost Worm, three or four different unicycle clubs, about a half a dozen dog groups, the Breastfeeding alliance, and all sorts of other folks. Gretchen and I were impressed that after all the people signed up to be in the parade there was anyone left to watch it!

This year, a downpour started about halfway through the parade, so there was the to-be-expected mayhem of a few thousand (tens of thousand?) people who are soaked but trying not to be running to their cars and trying to get out of the downtown area of Ithaca. Great fun… we totally live in a town full of hippies 🙂

Unicycles at the Ithaca Festival

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