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Mid-June = mid-west

In mid-June, we took a break from gardening and the bathroom wall hole to travel to the midwest for a memorial service for Gretchen’s Grandpa, who died this spring. We loaded the car with camping and puppy supplies, and headed west, stopping to camp at Geneva-on-the-lake and to spend a day and two nights visiting Christy, Aaron, and Cole in Chicago before getting to LaCrosse for a week with Gretchen’s family.

The memorial service was planned to coincide with a gathering in the town of Spring Grove, MN called “homecoming”, a once-a-decade all-classes invited reuinion for everyone connected to the Spring Grove high school. Gretchen and I got to sit with the class of 1941 for dinner, and really had a good time chatting and learning about that time.

After the memorial service (which was an amazing jazz celebration with Gretchen’s grandpa’s band playing), the family went to the park and took some pictures together. As you can see from the thumbnail, we gave Tom the camera to take some pictures while we posed with the group… 🙂

Gretch’s uncle Russ was super nice and let Maddy stay at his house, and we got to play a game of golf with Tom, Judy, Bill, Lee, Lori, and Christopher. Gretchen’s grandma and mom threw a great party/reuinion in the community room at her grandma’s apartment complex, and we generally had a fantastic few days before heading home for more work.

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