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June finished with a bang

The weekend after we got home from the midwest, Jim answered the “bathroom in distress” Heavner signal (much like the bat-signal, but without the crime-fighting involved) and stopped in while en-route to a conference in Canada. Serendipitously, Betsey happened to be planning a visit with Kori, Heri, and the boys in Philadelphia, so they all drove out too!

Dad and I did some insulating under the house (hopefully the bathtub won’t freeze this winter!) and got some dura-rock up on the shower wall. We didn’t get to re-tiling, but made significant progress, so the finishing work shouldn’t be too bad when we get to it. In fact, we were so busy working that we didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Once everyone else arrived, we had weekend full of picknicking at Robert H. Treeman State Park, picking strawberries at Grisamore Farm, and generally having a good time together.

In fact, we were having such a good time (or at least this is my theory) that when it was time for Jim to fly out after Gretchen’s soccer game, she decided that heroic measures were needed to keep everyone in town, so she broke her leg.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Mom took dad to the airport while Heri and I took Gretch to the emergency room, and dad got out of town. Mom, Kori, Heri, and the boys left the next day, and Gretch and I were left alone with her new cast. Luckily, Gretch planned well enough that it isn’t a bad break (as far as breaks go), so she hopes to get into a walking cast in a couple weeks.

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1 comment to June finished with a bang

  • We wish we could have joined in on the fun of the family get together! For the tiling, our advice is: rent a wet saw.

    Heal quickly Gretchen!

    –Torsten, Carrie, and Matt