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Birthday Cheese!

So, for my birthday Tamara gave me a cheese making kit! It has everything you need to make mozzarella or ricotta, minus the milk. We tried it out, and it worked great!

We made mozzarella – and it was pretty easy. First you put citric acid in the milk and heat it up – but not too much – it is just barely warm.
heating milk

Then you add the rennett and let it sit for a while. It gets a texture like custard, sort of solid. You then cut this up and put it in a bowl, trying to separate it from the whey. You knead it, kind of like bread, and microwave it a little and it becomes stretchy like taffy!
kneading cheese

That is when it is done. You then mold it into a ball and put it in ice water to cool off. Pretty easy and fun!
taffy cheese

Then we made pizza! The dough is homemade in our fancy schmancy bread machine with spent grains from making beer, and whey from making the cheese. The basil is from our garden – and we made the mozzarella! It was super yummy! Here are pictures before and after baking.
unbaked pizza
baked pizza

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