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A visit with Tamara and Jason in Pullman, WA

The day after Christmas we drove over the pass to Pullman to see Tamara and Jason. Tamara is due to have a new baby boy in 6 weeks, so we wanted to see her big belly:

We also got to meet the deer, play with the animals (Espn, Oban, and Reiner), and generally have a good old time!

Click on the thumbnails to see more pictures from our visit!

3 comments to A visit with Tamara and Jason in Pullman, WA

  • Espn? Say it ain’t so. At least it is a deer (or dog?). At least not a tyke. I heard a news story about two kids named Espn. They were gonna do a feature story on one kid and the unique name of Espn, then they found there was another one.

    If you had a pet fox and named him “lying dog” that might be funny. But Espn? Anyway, good to see some blogging action!

  • Ben

    It’s true. The dog is named Espn (pronounced “ess-pen”). The other dog is Oban, and the cat is Einstein (Reiner). I don’t remember what all the deer were named, but they each had names, too (no other TV stations, though).

    I think that naming the dog Espn was a compromise, rather than a tyke.
    I think we should name our dog something like WGBH…..

  • […] For one thing, our friends Tamara and Jason (who we visited in Pullman, remember?), added a new member to their family today – welcome, Cai!  We also expanded by one!  Unlike Tamara and Jason, though, we didn’t have a baby.  Instead, we adopted a PUPPY! After a morning ski at Greek Peak, we went to the SPCA dog rescue in Auburn, NY, and met the dogs.  We’ve got the crate, got some toys and food, and are now embarking upon the journey of house and leash training. Our dog is named Maddy – click on any of the thumbnails for more pictures! […]