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Wedding PictureWe’re (Gretchen and Ben) a couple of happily married grad students at Cornell. This blog is hopefully a way to let our family and friends (and we suppose any random strangers who happen to find it) know what we’re up to.


We met our first year of college at the University of Puget Sound, when we both lived in Schiff Hall. We were friends (continuously) and housemates (intermittently) over the next four years, but didn’t start dating ’till a couple years after graduation, when, after having adventures on our own, we had both moved to Boulder, CO. Gretchen got her Master’s degree from the University of Colorado, then got a job in Alaska as a consulting engineer at Shannon & Wilson, Inc. while Ben continued school work.

Soon, Ben got his degree and followed Gretchen to Alaska and S&W. Among other adventures, we took a trip to Guatemala in 2005, where, on the volcano Pacaya, we got engaged. We took a break from work to get married at the Lake Quinault Lodge in Washington state in November, then headed back to Alaska for more work and more adventures.

In 2006, following a few years (for Gretch) and a couple years (for Ben) of consulting work, we decided we were ready for a change, and applied to Ph.D. programs at Cornell. We both got in, and now Gretch is working in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Ben is working in the department of Biological and Environmental Engineering.

Now we’re having new adventures as we live in Ithaca, NY. You’ll have to read the blog if you’d like to see what we’re up to!


The best way to reach us is via email. Our usernames are bheavner and gheavner at a host named